While VCAP© is a pilot program created by The Marathon Foundation and the Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York, many partner organizations will be crucial to the success of the program. Our reciprocal partners include:


Association of Asian American Investment Mangers (AAAIM) was founded in 2006 to serve as a platform for Asian American investment managers to meet and conduct business with plan sponsors, fund-of-funds and institutional investors. We encourage institutional investors to diversify their pool of fund managers by introducing them to high-performing, qualified Asian American fund managers across all major asset classes such as hedge funds, fixed income, private equity, real estate, venture.


Founded in 1999, the New America Alliance is comprised by a 501(c)6 and a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to advancing the economic development of the American Latino community. The Alliance is organized on the principle that American Latino business leaders have a special responsibility to lead the process of building the forms of capital most crucial to Latino progress - economic capital, political capital, human capital and the practice of philanthropy. One approach that American Latino business leaders are uniquely capable of leading is investment in our own community through coordinated philanthropy and public and private strategic collaboration.